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Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life

We are honored you’re joining us as we invigorate every aspect of our beings with newfound wonder, meaning

Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness

Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness

When we can remember and embody the divine feminine, there is a place of total security within us, and when we live there, we trust life because we have learned to trust ourselves

21 Day Energy Attraction Meditation

Energy of Attraction: Manifesting Your Best Life

Anything you can imagine or desire is available to you, right here and now. Join Us for Energy of Attraction – Manifesting Your Best Life, and learn the secrets to effortlessly turning your dreams into reality.


Just as our 21-day challenges are designed to enrich various aspects of your life, whether it’s relationships, spirituality, stress management, relaxation, or achieving greater success by dedicating focused attention to one area for 21 days, this app serves a similar purpose. It emphasizes intensifying your focus on daily intentions within a single day to achieve quicker and more powerful results.

MaxiMedit is here to assist you in:

  1. Daily Intention Focus: Through multiple daily notifications, it helps you concentrate on your daily intentions, a fundamental aspect of manifestation (where intention meets concentration).

  2. Mantra Repetition: Reminding you to repeat your chosen mantras several times a day, reinforcing their positive influence.

  3. Bringing You to the Present: It gently brings you back to the present moment, right here and right now, fostering mindfulness.

  4. Breathing Control: With repeated exercises in various breathing techniques, it empowers you to manage stress and find calmness.

  5. Customized Reminders: You can tailor the app’s reminders to match your specific goals, whether it’s cultivating gratitude, maintaining a smile, or completing pending tasks.

MaxiMedit is more than just an app; it’s a community-driven endeavor to make mindfulness accessible to all. To bring this transformative tool to life, we are raising $5,000 through our 21-day meditation website community. Your contribution will help us develop MaxiMedit, ensuring that it remains free for everyone. Together, we can create a world where inner peace and self-discovery are within reach for all who seek it.


Start, or end every day with 15-20 minutes of meditation

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“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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Thank you so much for posting this.
These really help me get going in the morning!!

Vicki Vicki
Practising for 2 Weeks
I d really like to see the Reflection questions to work with .. Could you pease include it below each meditation ?Many thanks !!
Susana, from Argentina

Susana Carmona
Practising for 1 month
Thank u so much for sharing with us these valuable videos for Deepak …
appreciate ur great heart …

Madeleine Hilal
Practising for 2 months